Kotlin Multiplatform: Unify Android and iOS Development!

With all these cool features, we are happy to announce that KMM is now in Alpha. This means that the Kotlin team is fully committed to improving this technology and helping it evolve. We’ll listen to your feedback and provide fixes and improvements as soon as possible. Please help us increase the stability of KMM by reporting any issues you find via our tracker. The generated project will contain examples of how to connect to platform-specific API and basic test coverage. You can use this wizard to explore the basic features of KMM or as a scaffolding tool for your new KMM production application.

kotlin ios development

Using KMP, you’re going to write networking logic that gets 25 URLs from Giphy by searching the phrase “whoa” in their public API. These URLs will replace the ones hardcoded into each platform. These apps are provided for you, but the library is not, because this article is exclusively focused on making a KMP library, and not the apps that use the library. But rest assured, you’ll acquire knowledge that’ll be valuable if you want to dive into Android development.

Benefits of cross-platform development

In the new window, if you see any Android devices available in the list, select that device to run the app. Select the Phone category and Pixel 2 XL in the list of devices, then press Next in the bottom right. The final step for the Android app is to replace its existing list of hardcoded URLs with URLs fetched from Giphy’s API. Paste your Giphy API key into the value of this val statement, which is currently an empty string. This is how a class and string constant are declared in Kotlin. Notice that all of this code so far could be Swift, with the single exception of the val keyword, which is Kotlin’s equivalent of a let.

kotlin ios development

It may take some time to download and set up the required components when you do this for the first time. Now, with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, the speed of development across the three client platforms is pretty much unmatched. A single engineer is able to do all of the UI implementations, now does all three clients and has re-skinned or otherwise changed the screens in Down Dog in just a few months.

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You can check the progress of the gradle sync in the   tab at the bottom of Android Studio to see the sync’s progress. It contains a boilerplate KMP project, which includes an empty KMP library. The starter project also includes an iOS app and an Android app that both display gifs from a list of 25 hardcoded “meh” URLs. This tutorial is intended for iOS developers with little to no experience with Android Studio or Kotlin. If you don’t have Android Studio yet, follow the installation guide. As a first step toward this, today we are happy to present to you the first preview of the KMM plugin for Android Studio along with the new KMM developer portal.

Select File → New → Kotlin File/Class and create a new Kotlin File/Class and name it common. From now on, “Kotlin Multiplatform” (KMP) is the preferred term when referring to the Kotlin technology for sharing code across different platforms, regardless of the combination of targets being discussed. Kotlin/Native provides bidirectional interoperability with Objective-C/Swift. You can use Objective-C frameworks and libraries in Kotlin code, as well as Swift libraries if their API is exported to Objective-C with @objc. Check out this guide to integrating KMM into existing projects to learn how to design the architecture of multiplatform projects and organize the migration to it. Follow this tutorial to install the plugin and create your first multiplatform application with the wizard.

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All the paths in this tutorial will be relative to this folder. Sometimes the missing directories will have to be created before any new files can be added. Writing the code only in common Kotlin has obvious limitations because https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ it can’t use any platform specifics. Using interfaces and the expect/actual mechanism solves this. You will use Android Studio to create your multiplatform applications and run them on simulated or hardware devices.

This tutorial uses a sample Android application with a single screen for entering a username and password. The credentials are validated and saved to an in-memory database. Learn how to make your existing Android application cross-platform so that it works both on Android and iOS. You’ll be able to write code and test it for both Android and iOS only once, in one place. The advent of Kotlin Multiplatform provided a serious opportunity to not only become faster at implementing new features, but also to get more interaction in the team between Android and iOS developers. Kotlin applications will run on a variety of platforms, including Linux, Android, Windows,  iOS, macOS, watchOS, and others.

Kotlin Multiplatform for iOS Developers

Both of these technologies are in constant evolution and come with their own benefits and limitations. The second step is to then include the framework path into the Framework Search Paths section of the Build Settings tab of the target configuration page. It is possible to use the $(PROJECT_DIR) macro to simplify the setup.

  • Like Flutter, it allows you to see all your changes immediately, thanks to the Fast Refresh feature.
  • JetBrains has been making professional software development a more productive and enjoyable experience since 2000.
  • With KMM, you can get this flexibility and retain the benefits of native programming.
  • When the download is done and the build completes, Xcode will start the simulator and you will be greeted by a basic Hello screen.
  • They are accessible via the browser on your computer, smartphone, and tablet, and don’t need to be installed via Google Play or the App Store.
  • We do not recommend installing additional frameworks to the OS if it is not needed.
  • We loved the “shared business, native UI” idea that Kotlin Multiplatform promoted, and it meant that our teams did not have to give up using their preferred toolchains.

The difference is that Xcode comes with pre-downloaded simulators. Or, if you already have a Giphy developer account, just log in. Then, press Create an App and enter “GifGetter” when prompted, along with any description you choose. We are excited to see how companies https://www.globalcloudteam.com/10-reasons-why-you-need-kotlin-development-company/ of all sizes from all around the world are joining the Kotlin Multiplatform community, and we are looking forward to supporting them further. Among the most popular apps built with Flutter are Google Ads, Xianyu by Alibaba, eBay Motors, and Hamilton.

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This cannot be performed on other operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows. The Kotlin Multiplatform ecosystem offers you a great variety of libraries and tools, which simplifies the development of data, business, and presentation layers of your applications. Kotlin Multiplatform can also simplify the development of existing projects. I am working as a Senior product developer at Uplogic Technologies Pvt Ltd. Uplogic Technologies is a leading producer of mobile and web app development solutions in the market. We have delivered web and mobile app solutions for numerous clients comes across the world.

kotlin ios development

This tutorial describes how to share application logic between iOS and Android using Kotlin Multiplatform. To learn about the full capabilities of the technology, check out other use cases. Compose Multiplatform, a JetBrains’ declarative UI framework based on Kotlin and Jetpack Compose, gives you the option to push the sharing capabilities of Kotlin Multiplatform beyond application logic. It allows you to implement your user interface once and then use it for all the platforms you target – iOS, Android, desktop, and web. The Kotlin applications will work on different operating systems like iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, watchOS, and others.

Decide what code to make cross-platform

Roughly speaking, they offer a mix of a website and a mobile application. Developers build PWAs using web technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and WebAssembly. These tools and languages give you access to the features and capabilities of a given OS and allow you to craft responsive apps with intuitive interfaces. But if you want to reach both Android and iOS audiences, you will have to create separate applications, and that takes a lot of time and effort. We covered the basics of setting up an IDE compatible project with Gradle in the A Basic Kotlin/Native Application tutorial. Please check it out if you are looking for detailed first steps and instructions on how to start a new Kotlin/Native project and open it in IntelliJ IDEA.