Dream Builder Program – Private


  • We’re going to meet once a week in a private via Zoom.
  • I’m going to offer you a private 1:1 coaching call once a week, for 3 months, and we will find a time on our schedules that works for us both.
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Would you love support, inspiration, coaching, and accountability in shifting your paradigms and achieving your vision?

I’ve been trained and certified in an ideal proven, successful system that is a perfect fit to help you achieve your dream.

“The proven and tested success system is The 12 Week DreamBuilder® Program.

The DreamBuilding tools and principles have helped me transform my own life in amazing ways and have ALSO helped thousands of people all over the world, over the past 30 plus years to see the amazing transformation in the shortest period of time with the greatest EASE and fun.

In the DreamBuilder®  Program, we will be working together for 3 months, focusing on the 4 stages of Dream-Building which are: Blueprinting, Bridging, Building & Becoming”.

During this program, you will learn…

  1. How to live from your true source of power – which is within you.
  2. How to connect more deeply with your passion and your purpose.
  3. How to create a conscious vision and gain the tools to live a Vision Driven Life.
  4. How to overcome your blocks and self-sabotaging behavior.
  5. The tools for changing the patterns that don’t serve you anymore and install a new set point for success in harmony with your dream.
  6. A real working understanding of how to create the RESULTS you really want again and again.

And honestly, I can tell you many of my clients see such great results they don’t want to stop, so after the initial 3 months, we can discuss the opportunities for you to progress in building your dream with continued support.

  • We’re going to meet once a week in a private Zoom call
  • I’m going to offer you a private 1:1 coaching call once a week, for 3 months, and we will find a time on our schedules that work for us both.

In addition, you’re going to be working with a program workbook that comes with the DreamBuilder® Kit.

And this program was written and created by my personal mentor and world-renowned global thought leader, Mary Morrissey. Mary is the founder and owner of Brave Thinking Institute: The Premier Transformational Coaching Certification Company, which is where I received my DreamBuilder® and LifeMastery Consulting Certifications.

Doing this work is truly MY VISION AND MY DREAM COME TRUE. I know I’ve said this before, but I really do absolutely LOVE being a certified Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant.

And as your life opens up and you transform, not only will YOU HAVE A NEW, LIFE-LONG SKILLSET, you’ll also be able to use these dream-building tools, to help those you care about most, reach their goals and dreams as well. And I love how often I hear from past clients about how much they continue to use the dream-building tools they learned in this program, and how they see amazing results in all areas of their lives again and again.

Does this program resonate with you? Does this sound like the kind of support you would like to receive to help you create your DREAM?

The DreamBuilder® Program has been professionally appraised at $5,000.

However, I like to make it easy for my clients to say yes, therefore I have set the investment at only $1997, which takes care of everything from start to finish.

Imagine – a simple system for discovering what your dream is AND the confidence you need to go after it with joy and inner peace.

In this PROVEN, 90-day process for transforming your life and jumpstarting

the results you want to see, you will learn to live the life you want AND enjoy

the fulfillment of building your dreams.

In this program you will receive:

  • The Complete System for Gaining Clarity On Your Dream and the next steps you can take so that you can experience a greater flow of abundance in your life.
  • 12 LIVE Private Coaching Sessions where you will get support, motivation, and the answers to your most burning dream-building questions.
  • The PROVEN DreamBuilder® Program is complete with a Guidebook with MP3 audio teaching & meditation files to help stay connected to your highest potential and accelerate your results.
  • More Joy, Self-worth, and Confidence In Your Life as you master the spiritual side of success – in every way (from finances to health and relationships).

Some people live 99 years, but MOST people live 1 year 99 times. Invest in yourself. Invest in your dreams. This is YOUR time to create a life you LOVE living! It’s the best investment anyone can make.